Teatro Pomodoro is an award winning international ensemble of performers and creators based in Liverpool, brought together in Paris at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and moved to the UK. Specializing in an electrifying blend of clowning, bouffon, music, comedy and dance Teatro Pomodoro uses the experience of artists who have performed all around Europe, Asia and North America.

Teatro Pomodoro is dedicated to creating cutting edge theatre that explores how the anarchic qualities of clown and bouffon and the relationship between the performer and audience can create a unique theatrical experience.


Carmen Arquelladas

Carmen Arquelladas is an international performer and artist who has been working in theatre companies for more than 10 years as co-director, actress, and designer for both costume and set. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada, Spain, and also studied with renowned clown and bouffon teacher, Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France as well as John Wright, Eric Davis (Red Bastard) and Peta Lily.
Starting out with El Laborotorio in Spain, she designed set, costumes and makeup and played a key role in devising and performing in a variety of their shows touring around the world. Currently, Carmen is based in the UK, where she works in collaborating with international artists and companies on projects ranging from theatre, outdoor events, youth projects and cabaret, including the Lantern Company, Walk the Plankand  The Kazimier among others.
Carmen also works behind the scenes as logistics organizer and project manager for INCA UK who works with international groups and cooperations. Other credits include, Ship of Fools Theatre Company, The Lemon Collective, British Learning Academy, Blitzfood (Piski Films), Faruchio Peru is Extraordinaire, as well as being resident performer on Pullmantour Cruise ships.
Carmen is full of creative knowledge and an extremely versatile performer and creator.

Duncan Cameron

Hailing from Canada, Duncan was inspired to be a performer after winning Gold in the national tournament of the Canadian Improv Games. He attributes his style of working to the improv games which have helped him hugely in devising work for the stage.

Duncan began creating theatre for Fringe Festivals in Canada before moving to France to complete his studies at Ecole Philippe Gaulier.

Since then, Duncan has worked on theatre around Europe, on projects ranging from street theatre, childrens theatre, cabaret, clown and bouffon, with companies such as Teatro Pomodoro, A Ship of Fools, Action Transport Theatre, Stuff and Nonsense and the Invisible Circus.

Currently, Duncan is concocting a Mexican themed, solo show called VIVA!!!, which he has taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and one day plans to go on an international tour.

To add to Duncans theatre experience, he also plays piano accordion, piano, diatonic harmonica and occasionally the bagpipes.

Overall, Duncan is a very enthusiastic performer who is always eager to forge new, exciting and compelling spectacles for audiences around the world. To see more of Duncan, check out his website!

Leebo Luby

The only actual scouser in the company, Leebo graduated from Hope Street Ltd’s Emerging Artist Programme in 2008 and has never looked back.

While chasing the ridiculous dream of an idiot man, he suddenly found himself in France at Ecole Philippe Gaulier; where he co-founded the clown company “Man With A Porpoise”.

In 2014, he won a place as one of the artists on Conflux’s International Residency in Glasgow, on which he created the beginnings of what would become his first solo clown show “Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire”.

This was then further developed with renowned clown, Aitor Basauri and premiered in Liverpool at Physical Fest 2015.
To learn how to spell Farucchio, check facebook.

Miwa Nagai

Having graduated at Tamagawa University, department of performing arts and drama, Tokyo, Japan, Miwa was part of Theatre NLT, a comedy theatre company established in 1964, for which she performed more than 30 plays.

She cultivated her good sense of pitch and rhythm through her work with a chorus group and learning piano in childhood. She makes full use of it when creating comedy theatre.

Also an accomplished dancer,  Miwa has studied and practiced various styles, including modern, jazz, tap and Japanese traditional dance.

She has experience in varied performance genres and platforms such as mystery, Japanese historical plays, drama readings, magic shows, musicals, TV drama, web commercials, clown shows, comedy and the artistic performance style of “Blanche Neige”(Directed by Cathrine Baÿ).

Miwa studied in Ecole Philippe Gaulier, and has recently moved bases from Tokyo to Liverpool, to continue her career with new opportunities.

If you can read Japanese, check out Miwa's blog

Simone Tani

For over 15 years Simone has been working in theatre, performing with companies like Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary, Canada), Lemon Collective (Liverpool) and Lantern Company (Liverpool). Recently performed at Cabaret de Fous in Tokyo, New Zealand Impro Festival and Melbourne Impro Festival and with Lantern Company in Liverpool.

He is the co-founder of i Bugiardini in Rome, with which he performed several shows, including the show "Shhh!" acclaimed by reviewers and audience at Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

Simone graduated at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, where he studied clown and bouffon, and he also trained with renowned theatre practitioners like Carlo Boso, Keith Johnstone, Michael Gellman and Mark Bell.

He taught mask play workshops at University of Chester, National Taiwan University of Arts, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Edge Hill University  and in several country around the world. He is also a mask maker and recently designed and made a set of theatrical masks for Chocolate Theatre in Hong Kong.