22nd of November: Bouffon workshop at K5 Studio in London

The 22nd of November, award-winning company Teatro Pomodoro, brings one of its renowned workshops to London: Bouffon.

Exploring bouffon style, can we tell a story to the audience while also suggesting something else, more disturbing, truthful and biting with the grotesque images that we create? Can we have the audience simultaneously laughing while thinking “should I be laughing?”.

What is bouffon:

A bouffon is an outcast. Banned from society for being considered ugly or wrong, heretic, a mistake of nature, the child of the devil. Due to this condition, the bouffon comes from the shadows with the freedom to challenge what society regards as good or taboo. The bouffons have a special pleasure to parody the powerful people and the beliefs that they inculcate upon the people. They have to master how to walk on a fine line because their life is worth nothing and they can be easily killed for what they say and what they do. If they play with charm and lightness they can go very far provoking the audience with what they say and what they do, like the court jester who was the only one allowed to tell the truth to the king.


James Bellorini (60)

Workshop Program:

During the workshop, we will use physical comedy and clown techniques to develop the contact with the audience and build complicity with our fellow performers.

We will play with “bad taste”, “below the belt”, “too far” and “insincere apologies” as tools to provoke the audience and destroy every target that we choose (racism, homophobia, elderly maltreatment etc.).


This workshop is part of the autumn tour of Cabaret From The Shadows, supported by Arts Council England. The 23rd of November, Cabaret From The Shadows is playing at Jacksons Lane, info and tickets here

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