Fundraiser for Cabaret From The Shadows

Teatro Pomodoro, an international company with artists from Canada, Spain, Italy, Japan and the UK, are asking for help!

Teatro Pomodoro is a theatre company currently based in Liverpool, that specializes in Clown, Bouffon, Improv, and Mask. We have created a number of productions for theatre festivals around the UK, with shows such as, Resurrection Half Price, Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire, and Viva!!!

Currently, we are working on a new and exciting project called Cabaret From The Shadows, a dark cabaret performed by outcasts of society, commenting on current events with satirical pleasure.

Cabaret From The Shadows has had successful performances in Threshold festival and Physical fest, and this is only the beginning. We believe that this show has something special that we want to show on a national scale. We aren't the only ones who have this opinion, as we have received support and funding from Arts Council England, Merseyside Arts Foundation(MAFIA), Lantern Theatre, Physical Fest and Tmesis Theatre to help us actualize our goals.

With your help, we will be able to take Cabaret From The Shadows around the UK, to different festivals, and be able to show producers and theatre bookers what we have created, which will manifest in an eventual national tour. Your donation will allow us to cover some of the essential costs of the production such as promotion, theatre hire, sound and tech, light design and director's fee.

So if you have an interest in sustaining interesting, current and entertaining theatre, please help us achieve our goals and ambitions! 

You can help us by donating to our Paypal account or contact us to request our bank details if you prefer to do a bank transfer. We set a target of 500 pound, please help us to reach it. A small donation can make a world of a difference and you'll have our eternal gratitude.

Carmen, Duncan, Lee, Miwa e Simone.

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