Cabaret From The Shadows October 13 and 14

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In a small community, not too far from Liverpool’s City Centre, there live a group of social rejects sent away from our cities and our societies to live hidden from us. These creatures live outside our social constructs, on the edge of all things decent and nice.

Once in a while we allow these abominations to enter our cities to perform and entertain us. On October 13 and 14, the gates of Liverpool will be open to this group of misfits, and they will welcome you with big toothy grins.

With a recent successful performances at Threshold Festival and Physical Fest, this show has been created by local theatre company Teatro Pomodoro, a collection of artists from Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy and a Scouser! Credits include: Resurrection Half Price (Edinburgh Fringe, Camden Fringe, Shiny New) Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire (Physical Fest, Prague Fringe, Festival, London International Sketch Fest finalist). This showing of Cabaret From the Shadows marks the first step of collaboration between the IWF and Teatro Pomodoro

Expect laughs, expect gasps, and expect the unexpected. We humbly invite you to join us at the Invisible Wind Factory for an evening of mischief, guilt, and merriment at the Cabaret from the Shadows!

This show has been supported by Arts Council England


 "In charming us with their colourful combination of clowning and bouffon, the international performers are able to push the boundaries when tackling current social fears and anxieties in a dark, yet delightfully humorous way."

Paige Edge. Outlet Magazine

Date and time: October 13 and 14, 20:00.

Venue: Invisible Wind Factory, 3 Regent Rd, Liverpool L3 7ED

Ticket Price: Only £8 if you book online! If you buy at the door: £12 (10 Concessions)

Age: 16+

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