Farucchio Peru Is Extraordinaire at Edinburgh Fringe

An extraordinary man in ordinary times? Or an ordinary man in extraordinarily absurd times? Farucchio Peru is an enigma wrapped in an ego, surrounded by an unpronounceable name. The self-proclaimed “greatest all-round entertainer the world has ever known!” is highly skilled in the art of deluding himself with visions of grandeur. As he crashes his way through his insane repertoire, you will find yourself asking, ‘is he actually Italian?’.


“Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire" is a riotous solo show that mixes clown, kitsch and extravagance to embrace one idiot’s ridiculous dream of international stardom.


Devised by Leebo Luby in collaboration with Aitor Basauri.


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You can catch Farucchio Peru is Extraordinaire at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017; theSpace @ Surgeons' Hall, Theatre 3 (Venue 53), 21st-26th August (21st is an exclusive premier only available through the venue)




The persona of “Farucchio Peru” was developed on Conflux’s International Residency, Glasgow, with performances at Surge Festival (as part of Glasgow Commonwealth Games), Prague Fringe, Differenti Sensazioni (Biella, Italy) and Teatro Stalker (Turin, Italy).

This current production is the result of further development with the fantastic clown Aitor Basauri, premiering in Liverpool at Physical Fest 2015 then The Lantern Theatre Liverpool’s Shiny New Festival (2015, 2016)