Resurrection Half Price

IMG_4654 — kopia

Follow Mary and Jesus flying with a low cost airline!!

Combining bouffon, clown and intriguing imagery, this weird comedy transports the audience to a strange new world.
What if Mary and Jesus had been born again today… and they had lost themselves in consumerism?
Life may be easier than 2000 years ago - cheaper, more glitter, great bargains - and why travel by donkey when you can fly with a budget airline? But it’s not all disco music and slashed prices. Was it really worth sacrificing yourself if this is how humanity evolved?

"Surreal, unique and delivered to perfection." Peter Phillips, Tedfest

"For budding Python, for the life of Brian or Jesus you didn’t see, Simone Tani’s and Carmen Arquelladas’ Resurrection Half Price is a blast of surreal moments put together so well that each segment is bordering upon genius and fully embraces madness."                                - * * * * Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Teatro Pomodoro makes great use of their few props as Jesus sets off for Paradise queuing for a budget airline flight. The way Jesus complies with the airline’s cabin luggage restrictions is superb. Indeed, the whole palaver of Jesus being subjected to the same boarding regime we all suffer these days is a rich vein the pair exploit with excellent visual artistry." -The Reviews Hub

"Intense stupidity" Betty Grumble