Teatro Pomodoro wins Nordic Fringe Network Award at Brighton Fringe

Cabaret From The Shadows, a dark satirical comedy by Liverpool based theatre company Teatro Pomodoro, has been awarded the “Nordic Fringe Network Award” during the Brighton Fringe Awards Ceremony 2017.

The award, judged on artistic bravery and the ability to reflect what matters here and now, has been given to Cabaret From The Shadows, after impressing the international panel during Brighton Fringe at The Warren Main House.

Cabaret From The Shadows “embodies the spirit of the fringe with a fat dose of expect the unexpected mixed with the odd, the ugly and the beautiful”, said Adam Potrykus, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff 2017) while giving the award. “In an increasingly hostile world” -he added - “we need antidotes that uncompromisingly deliver more crazy, more twisted, more extra everything. The winner of be Nordic Fringe Network award put the jury in a state of equal delight and disgust”.

Teatro Pomodoro will receive an all expenses trip to Scandinavia to perform the show at a minimum of two Nordic Fringe Network host cities (Bergen, Gothenburg, Reykjavik and Stockholm).

The company is an international ensemble: Carmen Arquelladas (Spain),Duncan Cameron(Canada), Miwa Nagai (Japan), Simone Tani (Italy) with Huyton born Leebo Luby representing Liverpool and UK in the collective. The Brighton Fringe run has also seen the participation in the cast of renowned London-based actor Vera Chok.

Cabaret From The Shadows has been developed entirely in Liverpool receiving support by the Lantern Theatre, the Unity Theatre, Merseyside Arts Foundation, Hope Street Limited, Physical Fest and the Arts Council England. It is a fresh and shameless show with an eclectic mix of theatre, dark comedy and live music.

The 20th of September Cabaret From The Shadows is set to return in Liverpool for a one night only performance at the Unity Theatre, the 20th of September, a way to share this achievement with the Liverpool audience who showed its appreciation for this production last year with 2 consecutive sold out performances and a standing ovation.

Brighton Fringe award-winner 2017