Cabaret From The Shadows reviews from Brighton Fringe

Cabaret From The Shadows had a succesful run at Brighton Fringe, audience tributed a standing ovation, many arts industry professionals showed interest in the show and we also collected positive reviews from the media.



Broadway Baby ****

"Varying from the political, to the personal, to the perverse, we are subjected to an assembly line of burning hot topics."

"everything’s done with such style, and at such a breakneck pace, that I prefer to see this show as a kaleidoscopic overview of 2017’s social concerns."

"What is most impressive is the sheer ambition of the show. This ensemble is not afraid to tackle a myriad of hot topics and current issues"

" their irreverent take it or leave it attitude is refreshing. Definitely worth a look."

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Fringe Review: Highly Recommended Show

"A mind bending, thought provoking feast for the soul!"

"Teatro Pomodoro is anarchic theatre at is best. They delivered a striking and provocative cabaret experience that challenged you to think and laugh about things you shouldn’t. Fabulously all in the name of theatre. The five strong cast entwined their use of clowning, buffoonery, live music, comedy, dance and song."


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BN1 Magazine

"I instantly feel like I’ve stepped through the looking glass into the land of the lost children and forgotten toys, of escaped patients and forbidden rituals."

"an intensity in their eyes that draws the audience in like a moth to a flame… for an unknown fate."

"Cabaret From The Shadows pickpockets a plethora of theatrical traditions, weaving them flawlessly into a beguilingly repulsive patchwork of fun! "

"For fans of Tim Burton and Rocky Horror or lovers of off-beat, noir comedy such as Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place and The League of Gentlemen, Cabaret From The Shadows is an absolute must!"

Read the full review by Freya Huges 


Quotes from other reviews

"a promising offering from a young company with a lot of talent" The Reviews Hub

"with music, clowning, singing, dancing and even a snowball fight bonding audience and players together playfully" Latest TV



Photo by James Bellorini