Bouffon is a style of satirical and dark theatre that is created from the viewpoint of the "outcasts" of society. These outcasts are those that were sent away, deemed unfit to share our way of life, the life of the "beautiful" people. These creatures are then permitted to crawl their way back to perform a show for the people in society. The Bouffon proceed to mock and defile the views and principals of everyone who sent them away, showing the hypocrisies of their lives.

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We offer exploration between medieval and modern bouffon. The differences being Medieval bouffon explores and focuses on the physical aspects of the style, giving performers the tools to be grotesque versions of themselves, a mockery of those around them, and of all things beautiful in the world. This usually includes stuffing the clothes to create interesting body shapes to help the performer play with new bodies. One of the biggest separation points between medieval and modern  is that medieval bouffons had to be very careful not to offend their audiences because otherwise they would be stoned to death.

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Modern bouffon is the focus of outcasts in modern day society. Those that don't quite fit into social constructs, and what they have to say about the world around them. These bouffon tend to be slightly more subtle, and love to parody things we notice in everyday life.

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