The Undercover Ravers

undercover ravers 1

The Undercover Ravers are an exciting walkabout act for festivals, parades, or any event that needs some fun brought to it. Acting as a flashmob, a group of secret agents don typical rave attire with portable speakers underneath "inconspicuous" trenchcoats. They creep up on someone in a crowd, creating a mysterious atmosphere, and hand them an envelope. Inside the envelope there is a cryptic message that says “Put your hands up!”. Once the party victim reaches for the skies, the Ravers rip open their coats, blasting rave music, enticing all within earshot to join the party.

The Undercover Ravers provide hilarious interactions with people on the streets, in large or small groups and in festivals. Spectators can watch from a distance, or get completely involved in the mystery, as the Ravers take “extra-extra” precautions to avoid being noticed so they can to complete their secretive task.

Anyone of any age can enjoy this walkabout, and they'll have a hard time not joining in the fun.



Unique and hilarious physical comedy, that will be sure to add a lot of fun to your event.

-Non verbal

-Perfect for festivals

-Perfect for parades


  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow