Teatro Pomodoro have a variety of skills from different cultures and backgrounds, that they are happy to share. For more details of the workshops available please look through our selection below. If you are interested in learning something you don't see below don't hesitate to contact us to find out if we can customize something for you.

We also host international teachers to come and teach workshops in Liverpool. Stay tuned for information on the next teachers we will bring! Names include, John Wright, Micheal Gellman, Aitor Basauri and more on the way!


Photographer: Łukasz Puczko


Trance and Full Masks

The workshop is an introduction to Keith Johnstone's Trance Masks and Full Masks. Wearing a mask is a powerful way to unlock creativity and to discover how to be expressive, releasing the pressure on us to “create” as we let the mask lead us, and giving us a new experience of our own possibilities as performers.



Photo By Łukasz Puczko

Photographer: Łukasz Puczko


Bouffon is a style of satirical and dark theatre that is created from the viewpoint of the "outcasts" of society. These outcasts are those that were sent away, deemed unfit to share our way of life, the life of the "beautiful" people. These creatures are then permitted to crawl their way back to perform a show for the people in society. The Bouffon proceed to mock and defile the views and principals of everyone who sent them away, showing the hypocrisies of their lives.


Photo by Andrew Ness

Next Workshops

Physical Comedy and Clowning workshop

PHYSICAL COMEDY & CLOWN- 1 DAY WORKSHOP WITH TMESIS THEATRE & TEATRO POMODORO Sunday 18th March- 10-6pm £30/25- Liverpool Tmesis and Teatro Pomodoro have teamed together to bring you a day of ...

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