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The state of the world is burning and the line between news and entertainment has blurred.

Faceless elite hide behind gruesome, voyeuristic game shows as they manipulate all media, societies and politics.

This game show is the Battle Royale, a reality T.V show where regular people destroy each other on international television.

The fate of the contestants-turned-gladiators lies with the live audience, who’s votes can influence the outcome of the game and whether a contestant lives or dies. 


Peep Show, Battle Royale is a darkly comedic, theatrical experience,  all seen from behind the window of a grungy cubical reminiscent of a voyeuristic peep show. 

Performed by;

Carmen Arquelladas (Spain)

Duncan Cameron (Canada)

Leebo Luby (UK)

Miwa Nagai (Japan)

Simone Tani (Italy)

Lighting Design & Technician - Phil Saunders

Technician - Cath Cullinane

Virtual Set Design - Dennis Outten

Animation - Jessica Windell + James Hooton + Duncan Cameron

Head of Design & Costume Design - Carmen Arquelladas

Assistant Design - Sascha Gilmour + Eleanor Ferguson

Set Design & Construction - Micheal Lill + Andrew Lock

Dramaturg - Joe Shipman

Original songs by - Barry Han +  Duncan Cameron

Choreography by - Maria Malone

Project Manager - Alice Bunker-Whitney

Video - Focal Studios + Teatro Pomodoro

Live Streaming Melodic Distraction

"La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie, Abridged)"
Original composition by Gioachino Rossini
Adapted and Synthesized by Carey R. Meltz

Devised and Created by Teatro Pomodoro

The  Team

Peep Show 1.png
Peep show booths2 - Copy.jpg
Mystic Eye_edited_edited.png
Mystic Eye_edited_edited.png

Recorded in February 2022
10th / 11th / 12th / 13th @ 5.30 pm & 8 pm

17th / 18th / 19th / 20th @  5.30 pm & 8 pm


MAKE, North Docks, Liverpool. L37BN

Special thanks to:

Phil Cross, Sarah Han, Facktory Kitchen, Jamie Bale, Millie Goddard, Nikki Hill, RJ Lloyd, Sam Jones, Invisible Wind Factory.

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Partners & Collaborators

The Kazimier
Focal Studios
Melodic Distraction
SAFE Regeneration
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