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Teatro Pomodoro have a variety of skills which they have accumulated through experience with a selection of projects and from their different cultures and backgrounds. 

Take a look at our selection of workshops below. If you are interested in something specific or a mixture of styles and skills, please don't hesitate to contact us as we are happy to adapt our workshops for specific groups or individuals.

We also facilitate regular free Clown Jams in Liverpool for local performers to practice their craft outside of a workshop setting. These are designed for performers who have already trained and are looking to play and experiment together.



Theatrical Movement and

the Art of Play

This workshop is a great tool for anyone who is interested in learning how to use their body more on the stage and to be less dependent on words

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Trance Masks

The workshop is an introduction to Keith Johnstone's Trance Masks and Full Masks. Wearing a mask is a powerful way to unlock creativity and to discover how to be expressive, releasing the pressure on us to “create” as we let the mask lead us, and giving us a new experience of our own possibilities as performers.


What is bouffon:

A bouffon is an outcast. Banned from society for being considered ugly or wrong, heretic, a mistake of nature, the child of the devil. Due to this condition the bouffon comes from the shadows with the freedom to challenge what society regards as good or taboo.



Our focus as a company is contemporary clown. This means the clown does not necessarily have to wear a red nose, and can be applied to circus, street or theatre performance. A great workshop to find a sense of play in everything from stage work to your everyday life. 



Character work is an excellent tool to make bigger or even more subtle choices and is invaluable experience for performers to begin the building blocks to an exceptional performance

Download the full outline of our workshops here. 

Clown Jam

Clown Jam

About The Jam;
Clown jam is a FREE opportunity to play with the support of others with a range of performance experience and backgrounds.
NOTE - This is not a workshop!- It is a “jam” session for performers to practice their skills and play together.

The main focus being on playing games and exercises that you may not otherwise get to practice. It's a much needed escape from the tornado of a world we're living in.

To get regular updates about when and where the next Clown Jam is either join the facebook group Clown Jam Liverpool or email us at


Practitioners we have worked with


Aitor Basauri

Clown Teacher From Spymonkey


John Wright

Clown and Bouffon teacher. Author of "Why is that so funny?"


Peta Lily

Clown Teacher.

Author of "Imperfection" and "Chastity Belt"


Ira Seidenstein

Clown Teacher. 

Author of

"Clown Secret"


Michael Gellman

Director at Second City.

Author of "Process: An Improvisor's Journey" 


Petra Massey

Clown Teacher from Spymonkey


Nick Byrne

Improv Teacher, Artistic Driector of Impro ACT, Australia


Avner The Eccentric

Clown Teacher


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