Resurrection Half Price


Follow Mary and Jesus flying with a low cost airline!!

Combining bouffon, clown and intriguing imagery, this weird comedy transports the audience to a strange new world.

What if Mary and Jesus had been born again today… and they had lost themselves in consumerism?

Life may be easier than 2000 years ago - cheaper, more glitter, great bargains - and why travel by donkey when you can fly with a budget airline? But it’s not all disco music and slashed prices. Was it really worth sacrificing yourself if this is how humanity evolved?


Teatro Pomodoro site 2020

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Teatro Pomodoro

L3 7ED




  - Noun: Italian word for "Tomato"

  - Adjective

  1. denoting a sauce made from tomatoes, typically served with  live performance.

  2. "a low-calorie pomodoro sauce is the way to go if you're planning on enjoying some Theatre"

Photo by Alina Kay